The ARX Stopper is a CPNI and SBD accredited Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Product, designed to slow and halt vehicles from progressing into a safe zone. The ARX Stopper is PAS 68 and IWA-14 certified, stopping a 7.2 t truck at 48 km/h. 
Mobile Gate Security helps with risk analysis, especially in relation to small and major events.
Use our mobile road blocker for temporary traffic control.
A FenceBox contains up to 50 m fence with a height of up to 200 cm. The fence is simple and quick to set up, making FenceBox the ideal alternative to conventional mobile fencing.
Commercial Barrier enables the creation of barriers with precisely the shape and look you want.
Our mobile video surveillance system is ideal for when you need to monitor an area for a limited time.
Put out the fire immediately.
Mobile Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barrier (HVM). Event-Defender is designed to stop a 7,5 t truck at 55 km/h, making Event-Defender one of the most effective mobile security solutions on the market.
Mobile Gate Security has developed a flexible and reusable mobile gate which can quickly and easily secure access roads into and out of sites.
Our mobile high-security fencing is extremely reliable, strong and above all, secure. Based on a modular design it offers a wealth of options and accessories.
The ‘building blocks’ Ballistic Blocks make it quick and easy to build a mobile shelter.
Portable Barrier is designed for rapid set-up and relocation, and has an access width of 488 cm. It takes less than 15 minutes to set up the barrier and it can be positioned on many different types of surfaces.
The mobile boom barrier is ideal for securing access roads.
A concrete bollard shaped like an ellipsoid cone CHICANE is suited for positioning in various formations and repetitive patterns to restrict access.
OBSTRUCT concrete plinths are designed for streets, squares and temporary installations that call for a combination of security and low visual impact.

Perimeter Protection fair

The Perimeter Protection fair in Nuremberg, Germany, is all about the latest technologies and developments in the fields of outdoor area protection and building security

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