Commercial Barrier – Barrier with advertising potential

Mobile security does not need to be an expensive solution.

Commercial Barrier enables the creation of barriers with precisely the shape and look you want. The barrier is therefore ideal with sponsorship collaborations, where it can be delivered with the sponsor’s logo or shaped like the sponsor’s product, and thus it creates an advertising space. This provides the possibility of covering a large part of the costs through a sponsor, and thus you can have inexpensive or free security for your event.

Commercial barrier is made from mineral wool clad in foam and rubber. The product weighs 200 kg., making it very light and inexpensive to transport. On location, the barrier is filled with water, increasing its weight to approximately 1.300 kg.

Contact us today to learn more about the possibilities in acquiring an attractive and inexpensive barrier for your event.

For the annual Christmas tree lighting at Aarhus City Hall Square, Denmark, we gift wrapped Commercial Barriers. Watch the video below to see what the Danes thought about the SAFEST Christmas presents in the world.



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