Mobile boom barrier at COVID-19 inoculation clinic

The regional hospital Horsens in Denmark has saved the traffic guard away by renting a mobile boom barrier for the inoculation clinic for Coronavirus. This has streamlined workflows and reduced monthly costs.

Since the Corona virus broke out in Denmark, the drive-in inoculation clinics at the country’s hospitals have been continuously streamlined. This applies the Horsens Regional Hospital, which at the start of the inoculation clinic back in March 2020 had five traffic wardens standing by the inoculation clinic.

The continuous improvements have optimized the staff’s work processes and reduced the number of shifts – and on 31 May 2020, the hospital was able to say goodbye to the last guard when they had a mobile boom system installed by KIBO Sikring A/S.

The mobile boom barrier at the Regional Hospital Horsens has removed the need to have a traffic guard standing by the inoculation clinic for Coronavirus.

The regional hospital chose to rent the mobile boom facility primarily to increase the safety of the staff at the inoculation clinic. The prospect of saving an extra monthly salary in guard costs, however, was also an important part of the rationale for renting the mobile boom barrier, which the staff controls with a small remote.

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