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Temporary Fence

Temporary fence and fencing is an ideal solution for outdoor sites that do not require a permanent security solution, but rather for short-term scenarios such as temporary construction sites where materials or access must be secure or outdoor events like music festivals, as well as security issues for both foot and street traffic. It is a versatile, configurable and movable perimeter security solution that can be adapted for any application and situation – a mobile solution that is quick and easy to install.

Temporary fencing is a very dependable security fencing system and can be used again and again to protect your property and equipment, as well as keeping passing pedestrians safe and away from hazardous areas. You have a duty to ensure that any and all Health and Safety requirements are complied with to protect your staff and the general public.

The fencing can be extended and moved as required and stored in a container when it has to be moved. Other applications can be for the police, military, government or other crowd control situations at concerts, sports events, etc., new housing developments, pens for livestock, excavations, protection and prevention of escape, an indicator of potential hazards, theft deterrent, segregation of a large area into smaller ones, etc.

When erecting temporary fencing around the perimeter of your site, it is still important to consider the type of your location; particularly if it is situated on high or exposed ground. By using the correct fixtures and accessories, temporary fencing systems will successfully retain their stability and position.

Temporary fencing is a cost-effective, short-term security fencing solution that offers great longevity and versatility. Available as an easy to order kit, we can also supply compatible fences and accessories for your fencing system. All temporary fencing panels are available for both purchase and hire.


Perimeter Protection fair

The Perimeter Protection fair in Nuremberg, Germany, is all about the latest technologies and developments in the fields of outdoor area protection and building security

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