Patents pending for the products MGS20 and MGS40.

Portable Fence

Portable fencing is a versatile, configurable and movable perimeter security solution that can be adapted for any application and situation – a mobile solution that is quick and easy to install. It can be used as an interim solution while awaiting the installation of a more permanent system. The fencing can be packed up and stored and moved with the container, so the whole solution is movable and can be tailored to the job at hand, for instance, on construction sites and where materials or access must be secure, or for crowd control situations.

Portable fencing is a very dependable and multipurpose security fencing system made that can be used again and again to protect your property and equipment, and gives you peace of mind. It is also possible to have an electric fencing solution. Other applications can be for the police, military, government or other crowd control situations at concerts, sports events, etc., new housing developments, pens for livestock, excavations, protection and prevention of escape, an indicator of potential hazards, theft deterrent, segregation of a large area into smaller ones, etc.

It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the general public and your staff, so you should consider any relevant Health and Safety standards or potential hazards within your site when erecting your temporary fencing. We also offer debris netting that can help eliminate hazards such as flying debris. Debris netting and fencing tarpaulin is also useful for maintaining the privacy of your site and is easy to attach to your temporary fencing system.

The wire mesh structure of a portable fencing panel is cleverly designed to withstand the effects of high winds and storms. Portable fencing panels may be susceptible to wind force, which can sometimes shift or push them over. Gaps in the mesh allow air to pass through the fencing instead of hitting a solid barrier, which may cause structural problems.

All portable fencing panels are available for both purchase and hire.


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