Comfort and convenience are top priorities for all types of guests today – whether they are at concerts, sporting events or other places where special security measures are needed.

KIBOX meets the highest standards. So far, only mobile fencing panels and mobile barriers have been available as temporary systems. These are visually less appealing, and especially with regard to handling (assembly, dismantling, transport and storage), such conventional solutions are very time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The smart alternative:

A KIBOX taking up an area of approx. 1 sqm contains up to 50 m fence with a height of up to 200 cm. KIBOX is a robust solution that can be set up both permanently and temporarily. The fence is simple and quick to set up, making KIBOX the ideal alternative to conventional mobile fencing.

How does a KIBOX work?

The fence is rolled up inside the KIBOX, making it easy to pull out the fence from the designated opening in the box. This KIBOX can be integrated into another KIBOX or into a separate adapter piece, which can be delivered as either free-standing on a concrete base or mounted onto existing equipment such as columns, fences, house walls, etc. The steel wires for this are integrated in the wire fence – making KIBOX the closest solution to a solid fence on the market.

KIBOX as a mobile solution:

The mobile KIBOX is available with fence heights ranging from 100 cm to 200 cm, adaptable to any kind of surface. The bottom of the box is filled with concrete, ensuring the necessary stability. Conventional mobile fencing solutions are often associated with very large expenses for transport, loading and mounting. Contrary to such conventional solutions, the KIBOX has built-in forklifts in the base which makes for ease of transport and handling.

KIBOX as a stationary solution:

The stationary KIBOX is suitable for shielding a single area and must be attached to the ground (usually on a concrete foundation). If the need changes over time, the KIBOX can naturally be relocated to another area at any time. The end of the fence can be attached to another KIBOX, an adapter column with its own concrete base or mounted onto existing fences, light poles, gates, walls, etc.


The fence is made from robust braids of thick galvanized steel wire. The wire mesh is therefore both weather-resistant and extremely durable, making KIBOX ideal for all types of areas.

The fence is very flexible, making it incredibly difficult to climb. The mesh size of the braids is 50 mm, ensuring that footwear does not fit into the masks. The fence is fireproof and can only be destroyed with suitable tools. The thickness of the wire mesh can be to meet special requirements and needs.

FenceBox - Allianz Arena

FenceBox - Football field



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