Patents pending for the products MGS20 and MGS40.

Automatic Gate

Mobile Gate Security has now developed a versatile, multi-purpose and reusable range of mobile gates that can easily and quickly secure access roads into and out of sites. Businesses within the industrial sector are often at risk of theft due to the large holdings of stock and equipment left on the site. This means they will require a high level of security to combat intrusion and stay protected. A mobile gate security container is a movable security system and the unique features of the mobile gate are its plug and play functionality, which means that it can be installed on site in no time at all to secure property or equipment or to serve as a safety precaution.

The container is equipped with an automatic gate that controls the opening and closing function automatically. The gate extends out from inside the metal container and it ensures that the area is properly secured and demarcated. It is possible to enable electronic entry via an access code and/or mobile operation. Access control is generally the way, for example, a gate is automatically opened, sometimes with great security in mind and other times with speed and ease-of-use in mind. You can choose the automatic access control system that works best for you and your site.

The MGS20 model is based on a 20-foot container with a built-in motorised aluminium gate with an entrance opening of 4.5 m. The big brother, the MGS40 model is a 40-foot container with a built-in motorised aluminium gate with an entrance opening of 8 m. Tried, tested, proven, safety aware and reliable, these are the qualities of our gates. 


Perimeter Protection fair

The Perimeter Protection fair in Nuremberg, Germany, is all about the latest technologies and developments in the fields of outdoor area protection and building security

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