Stark Security Services, Qatar

Based in Qatar, Gary Thomson from Stark Security Services is trying to achieve high brand awareness in the market. He is confident that there is a segment in this particular region that would benefit from Mobile Gate Security’s versatile solutions.

“The product’s two key strengths are its simplicity and its versatility. Because the system is so simple, it can be deployed extremely quickly, it can run on either mains electricity or be powered by a mobile generator in remote situations, for example some of our construction sites, it can be relocated very quickly, and it can be operational within the space of only 20-30 minutes. All this represents a significant bonus for us, in addition to which it can be installed at construction sites, at large events or even for a military use. So all in all, it represents an ideal solution for our customers” – Gary Thomson, general manager, Stark Security Services

Suitable for both construction and non-construction customers

One of Mobile Gate Security’s key selling points is its access control. Usually, a gate system is designed to control access to a site or building. However, if an electronic or any other type of gate system is faulty and access controlled security is required, then this is an ideal solution that can be rapidly deployed and installed at the location and put into operation very quickly.

Potential customers for the solution are also found outside the construction business.

“We believe it holds considerable potential as a solution for events. At the moment, Qatar is marketing itself as a global event centre, and some of the events which are held here require secure perimeters for the sake of the public or those participating at the event. In addition, being able to deploy a very robust and secure gate system rapidly and then remove it immediately after the event is a significant bonus for us a security company.” – Gary Thomson, general manager, Stark Security Services

Great utility

As an ex-soldier and with a background in the security business, Gary Thomson has never before seen a product with these features. Indeed, it is a world first.

“In my time in the army, we used shipping containers for all sorts of things from accommodation to offices and protection. So, to actually take a container and convert it into something as simple and effective as this is very clever, and thanks to its great utility it offers incredible scope. And not just as a gate system, but also because it can quickly be converted into a command centre. Or it can be used as a remote CCTV monitoring centre if you need that kind of capability. So I think it is a highly versatile solution that we could easily deploy in other sectors.”  – Gary Thomson, general manager, Stark Security Services


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